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“Generations of Adventure...It’s In Our Nature”

“Rajas” a Sanskrit terminology best translated as “Royal”. Also in the Samkhya school of Hindu philosophy, Rajas (Sanskrit: रजस्) or rajoguna is one of the three gunas which is responsible for motion, energy and preservation. Keeping the meaning intact the idea of our  team is to introduce a change in the field of adventure and hobby flying in India by pouring a motion, passion of energy and alongside preserving our mother nature; hence gave birth to “Rajas Aerosports and Adventures private limited”  to introduce a change in the field of adventure and hobby flying  in India; in short redefining adventure. The team has been closely associated with defence services, professional flying and extreme adventures for years. Envied by the fun flying and adventure in the west, it wishes to bring the same to the doorstep of everyone in India.


You are joining a bunch of skilled Aviators who will fly you in a fleet of world's best helicopters, aircrafts, light sport aircrafts, hot air balloons, gyrocopters on an organised itinerary, Set against scenic backdrops not often dotted in regular maps, the show unveils the different ways of living life. Rajas aviators are the certified commercial pilots, they are specialized in flying in adverse weather conditions into remote geographical areas. They has an unusually high desire for adventure and danger. 


Today, the term bush flying commonly refers to flying an aircraft into any undeveloped area that is wild and unsettled. There are normally no buildings or signs of civilization where a pilot flies. The term is generally believed to have originally referred to pilots who flew into the remote areas of southern Africa, commonly referred to as bush.These Elite breed of aviators are famous as the BUSH PILOTS. The most common job for a bush pilot today normally involves a rescue operation , scenic flights and fun flying.


Bush Pilots does not use authorized airfields for take-offs or landings. They traditionally uses no runway at all. A bush plane typically takes off and lands in remote, rough terrain not reachable by any type of land vehicle. To facilitate such maneuvers, a bush plane is normally equipped with skis, floats or oversized tires on its underside.

Adventure is in our Blood..

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