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Enjoy air safari in the game-rich Shivalik ranges of the Uttarakhand. There's nothing quite like drifting silently over an ancient landscape. There's a dazzle of Chital prancing along; there, a journey of Ganges. From your high perch you'll literally get a bird's-eye- view of its lush valleys, dams, mountains and plains teeming with game. Rajas bush pilots will fly you to some of the wildest, and most beautiful places on the planet where you can roam on remote pristine River Ganges' beaches or wilderness river shorelines. The possibilities of Air Safari are endless.


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With Air Safari Mussoorie Fly alongside snow capped peaks and over vast sheets of compacted ice you will find yourself at a loss for words. The view from your window is a masterpiece of lilac, turquoise, brilliant white and earthy brown. Beneath you the earth will appears to melt into a sea of white. Your view will be enveloped by snow clad peaks.

A vibrant villagers huts will juxtapose against the clinical expanse of the surrounding snow, a safe haven for those who explore the frozen wilderness on foot it looks as though a child’s toy left behind in a sandbox of white. The pristine landscape beneath you will melts into tones of green and shades of brown before reaching the green valleys. Colours of winter fade into those of spring as the snow retreats and the vibrant green of pastures and meadows return. Himalayan Hot air ballooning at its best with Air Safari Mussoorie

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