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Uttarakhand is known for the magnificent Himalayan range which rise high above the varied landscape of the northern India.
Sculpted by the powerful forces at play deep beneath the earth which sub duct and diverge the neighboring Tibet plates, the Himalayan peaks of the northern Uttarakhand serve as a reminder of Mother Nature’s indomitable creativity.

Awash with a variance of micro climates and geology, the virgin valleys and grand glaciers offers a lot to explore.
The high lands of the Himalayas have seen vast changes in the last 450 million years.

Sculpted by the crushing force of archaic glaciers the view today is one of vibrant color; a patchwork of pastures, turquoise lakes, snow- capped mountains and undulating terrain.



Himalayan Glacier Safaris…

For those visiting the Himalayan region, a ground level view of the surrounding countryside offers innumerable picture postcard scenes.
The palette of colors swathed over the landscape changes with each sunrise and sun- set. Hues of pink, yellow and ochre spread across the valley floor with the changing light.

Despite the beauty of the scene from ground level, an elevated view point serves only to showcase additional mesmerizing vistas of the sculpted Himalayan terrain.
The landscape below becomes a paint pot of vivid tones bursting from the darkness of the greywacke rock

as the peaks of the indomitable mountains sail past, their snow clad forms glistening in the sun.

To those visiting the region we urge you to take to sky and sample this breath- taking landscape from above.


Taking Flight Over Lakes & Glaciers


Described as a Himalayan wonder flight, the Grand Himalayan Glacier Safaris operated by Rajas Raptors & Pinnacle Air offers a celestial view of some of the most isolated areas within the Uttarakhand region. 
Taking my seat behind the pilot the propeller springs to life in an almost orchestral murmur of clicks and whirrs. Racing towards the end of the runway we take flight and climb skywards over the shivalik foothills town Rishikesh. This elevated view opens up an entirely different dimension of color, texture and form to admire. 
 Peering down on the landscape sculpted by the most recent ice age, it is clear to see the effect that the movement of the once prominent River Ganga had on the ground below. Carving out a path through the hard shivalik ranges for thousands of years, River Ganga has crafted the gorgeous terrain. Reflecting only turquoise from the spectrum of light, it is this rock flour, which is responsible for the colorful embellishment to the scenic vistas of the Ganges valleys.

Himalayan Vista & Glacial Views

Flying alongside snow-capped peaks and over vast sheets of compacted ice you will find yourself at a loss for words. The view from your window is a masterpiece of lilac, turquoise, brilliant white and earthy brown. Beneath you the earth will appears to melt into a sea of white. Your view will be enveloped by snow-clad peaks, brilliant blue streaks of glacial ice hidden under plumes of soft snow and vertical drifts of great avalanches falling towards the valley floor. A vibrant villagers huts will juxtapose against the clinical expanse of the surrounding snow, a safe haven for those who explore the frozen wilderness on foot it looks as though a child’s toy left behind in a sandbox of white. 
The pristine landscape beneath you will melts into tones of green and shades of brown before reaching the green valleys. Colors of winter fade into those of spring as the snow retreats and the vibrant green of pastures and meadows return. 
Standing like a fortified castle wall, the Himalayas are safeguarding our beautiful country Bharat.

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